Fast Sling Puck
Fast Sling Puck
Fast Sling Puck
Fast Sling Puck
Fast Sling Puck
Fast Sling Puck
Fast Sling Puck

Fast Sling Puck

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Stuck in the house?😪
Tired of Netflix and scrolling through Instagram all day in Isolation??
Take a break and CHALLENGE your family and friends with Fast Sling Puck!


Fast Sling Puck™️ is the brand NEW game featured all over social media!!

All sports are cancelled till furthermore ... So it's time to bring back HEAT to Your living room, show them who is the King of Quarantine!💪🏼

"Fast Sling Puck™️ is the perfect game for saving Your Family from days in isolation of boredom. It's very addictive, trust me! 😵 " - Gloria Barnett

board games for kids
Bored of your classic boardgame? 😴🥱 Switch to a game that takes REAL SKILLS! But don't take it too far! Thing might get really heated!


NO ONE'S SAFE from getting addicted ‼️


  • ✔️ Stimulate Kids' Reaction - Excitement encourages child to react faster and more accurate to sling (Hand-Eye coordination training)
  • ✔️ Exciting Battle - Have thrilling fun at home with your family or your friends
  • ✔️ High Quality Material & 100% Safe - Fast Sling Puck™️ is made of high quality material and high polish processes, suitable for above 5-year-old children
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1. Choose your opponent and face each other.

2. Place 5 pucks on each side of the board and You are ready to go! Start slinging the pucks with the elastic band as fast as possible to your opponent (only with one hand)

3. Win by clearing your board completely !


For the real deal play the Punisher Version 😎

Everytime you launch a puck without getting through the gate you have to pick up one from your opponent!


  • Material: Handmade Wood
  • Size: 14.5in*9.5in*1.4in / 37cm*24cm*3.5cm
  • Weight: about 300g
  • Express Shipping Time: 3-5 days


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